Episode 13.14: Back To Skool (Edinburgh Fringe Fundraiser Special)

Monday 10th July 2017 at Bristol Grammar School’s 1532 Performing Arts Centre.

Pablo and Candi are wondering what life would have been like at school when we are magically transported to the mid-1990s to witness an imagined history of Newtown High under Headmistress Constance Sugar. Her faculty include Mr Richard Johnson, Nurse Bucket and drama teacher Ms Tuesday who is planning a talent show and helping librarian Ms Thornfield find her voice.

Pablo wants to be one of the cool kids (a gang known as ‘The Jets’ made up of Reg, Candi and Gina) and is incited to shoplift and fight with head boy Jimmy Brightside. In retaliation, the uncool kids (Jimmy, Harold, Ivy and Monica) form their own gang called ‘The Sharks’, but as everyone is poised to battle, they realise the true enemy is the faculty! Descending on the staff room where Mrs Sugar has been trying to seduce Mr Johnson, the pupils demand the school be turned into a performing arts academy. Headmistress Sugar agrees and the transition is marked by a rousing Shakespearean song by Ms Thornfield.

Memorable Moments:

  • The moment when Reg realises the girl he has a crush on, the fossil loving Ivy, is in fact a Shark!
  • Pablo sneaking into Claire’s Accessories to shoplift a scrunchy, soundtracked by jazz funk.
  • Special guest appearances from Jimmy Brightside, Eliza Thornfield, Nurse Polly Bucket, Ms Tulip Tuesday and Ivy Nicholson.

How will these experiences influence Candi in Newtown today?
Will Pablo continue to dream of being one of the cool kids?
Was life really like that at school for the community?

Find out in Season 14 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.

THIS IS SOAP – Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Closer Each Day Company are going to Edinburgh!
In association with C theatre, we present…


Scandalous, sexy and spontaneous, This Is Soap is the Edinburgh Fringe’s own month-long soap opera, this year brought to you by celebrated Bristol theatre company, Closer Each Day.

Join us on the seemingly normal street of Reachday Close, where every day we pick up the pieces from yesterday’s cliff-hanger and craft a new episode of high stakes drama live in front of your eyes.

Expect laughs, loves and lingering looks in this improvised soap opera; think Twin Peaks meets League of Gentlemen by way of EastEnders. Who needs TV? This is drama. This is comedy. This is Soap.

When? Where?
2nd – 28th August @ C (+1), Venue 34, at 12.30pm every afternoon (50 mins)

“So consistently gripping it‘s incredible to think it‘s created off the cuff!”
Visit Bristol

“Funny, inventive, fast-paced and sparkling. Loved it!”
David Lloyd, BBC screenwriter (Doctors, EastEnders)

“I left with aching cheeks from uncontrollable laughter!”

“Quick-witted, very watchable ensemble, razor-sharp in timing and delivery.”
★★★★ Stage Talk



Episode 13.13: Family Is The Most Important Thing

Monday 26th June 2017 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Harold has invited Pablo and his long-lost sister, Monica, round for dinner. After some confusion, awkward romance, and manipulation from Pablo, Harold invites them both to move in!

Meanwhile, Rita wants to make Simpkins pay for everything he did to her but she’s taken aback when he apologises, citing that family is the most important thing. Meanwhile Scarlett has run away leaving AJ and Gina distraught, they too make up and vow to find her, with the help of Candi and Big Dick. Scarlett has hit the road with Reg, Billy and Suzi, searching for her real mother when Suzi drops a bombshell – she is Scarlett’s mum! Everyone catches up and at Gloucester Services, after lots of finger pointing, AJ reveals the truth: Suzi is pretending to be Scarlett’s mother as she is his stalker! Gina and Scarlett finally emotionally make up and after everyone hugs, Scarlett heads off – her birth mother is still out there!

Memorable Moments:

  • The monumental twist that Suzi wasn’t Scarlett’s real mother after all!
  • Reg commenting that Suzi drives a Ford Megan, not an Alterier Motive.
  • Candi alone scene after scene looking for someone to play Frisbee with her.

Will Scarlett ever find her real mother?
Will Suzi continue to stalk AJ?
How will Harold find living with Pablo and Monica?

Find out in Season 14 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.

Kristmas With The Kringles

Join America’s favourite TV family as they film their annual Christmas Special of improvised games and songs…but this year is not going to go quite as planned, with hilarious results!

Don’t miss this late night festive fun – dig out your Christmas jumper, get your office party or your friends or relatives along and come and have such a laugh it will knock the stuffing out of you.

The Wardrobe Theatre / 7th – 23rd December 2017 / 9.45pm / £7

Buy tickets online from The Wardrobe Theatre

“With brilliant acting and a festive atmosphere, this show is a great – and budget-friendly – choice for a night of authentic, improvised comedy.”
★★★★ The Reviews Hub

Episode 13.12: Blind Fury

Rita has returned to town, haunted by memories of her ex-husband Simpkins’ cruelty. While Dick and Gina rekindle their love through extended metaphors, Harold is furious at losing his (missing, presumed dead) love, Pablo. He goes on a rampage. Candy, Bunny and AJ try to hunt him down but instead find Pablo alive and well! The two lovers are reunited at last- only for Pablo to discover that Harold has trashed his salon!

During a game of football with Billy, Reg loses an eye. Scarlett appears, still angry at Gina and desperate to find herself. The trio head to Newtown archives to discover her birth mother’s identity. Finally they get a name- Juliet Pickles Shawshank- and head off on a quest to find her.

Memorable Moments

  • Dick and Gina’s sexy lizard kiss
  • Harold finding his beloved Pablo alive
  • The Audience being asked to clap for a very, very long time while we did some filming for a trailer- thanks again, everyone

Will Scarlet find her birth mother?
Can Pablo forgive Harold?
What will Rita do when she meets Simpkins?
Will we get to see more of Gina and Dick doing weird sexy stuff?

Find out in Episode 13 of Closer Each Day