Episode 9.4: Constance’s Gamble Scandal

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 at The Wardrobe Theatre

Magdalene hasn’t seen her husband, Spencer, for weeks. She and Robin draw missing posters all over town but eventually find a note in the corner-shop saying how he’s at a nearby Corn Festival. Meanwhile, Suzi has been learning about visions and invoking spirits. Simpkins sees an opportunity to get one over on the other potential fathers of Constance’s twins and so using her gift and chanting, together they provoke Harold to get his balls snagged on a record player, much to Reg’s horror.

Constance has set her heart on Big Dick Johnson being the father of her twins and is so confident she places a bet with Dick’s bookie. Catching the gambling bug however she also puts a “gorilla and a half’s” worth on a greyhound race. That evening she and Big Dick listen to the race as her dog, Thunder-thighs, wins to make Constance rich!

Memorable Moments:
– Big Dick Johnson and Constance’s ludicrous animal betting terms: a gorilla, a rhino, a alpaca, an orang-utan.
– Magdalene and Robin drawing a life-size chalk illustration of Spencer on the back wall.

After her big win, can Constance resist gambling further?
Will Harold’s genitals every be the same again?
When will Spencer come home to his wife?
Find out in Episode 5 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.