Episode 9.7: Hen Dos And Don’ts

Tuesday 14th April 2015 at The Wardrobe Theatre

With motherhood fast approaching, Constance is looking to live wild while she still can and so spends the night with Fred. Disappointingly, Reg’s Hen Do is a restrained evening of ball pools and board games but after some persuading, Constance is allowed to choose how they spend the rest of it; a night that leaves Reg smothered in butter the pair feeling very awkward and shaken.

Meanwhile Big Dick Johnson’s gambling is getting out of control. Simpkins tries to help by introducing a betting system that replaces numbers with fruit but in desperate confusion, Dick’s mental state spirals downwards. Across town, Fred emotionally accepts Harold’s request that he be his son’s best man. Fred throws an instant Stag Do but just as he is preparing his special ‘Trotters A La Bibliotech’, a dishevelled Big Dick crashes the party and the concerned Fred and Harold angrily point the finger of blame at Simpkins!

Memorable Moments:
– Big Dick Johnson’s fruit infused monologue as he slowly loses his mind to gambling
– Fred flirting with Constance over Monopoly: “We can mortgage the browns if you know what I mean…?”

What will happen on Harold and Reg’s wedding day?
Is Simpkins truly to blame for Big Dick Johnson’s gambling troubles?
What else does Constance have in store as she tries to live wild before motherhood?
Find out in Episode 8 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.