Episode 9.8: Close Your Eyes, Give Me Your Hand (75th Episode Special)

Tuesday 28th April 2015 at The Wardrobe Theatre

It’s day of the Harold and Reg’s wedding! Harold, however, has been on a week long Stag Do and wakes up in a field with Fred a long way from Newtown. They make their way back via Newtown Hill and some aggressive horses. Reg chooses Constance as his Maid of Honour and she expresses her devotion by offering to smother him with butter. Meanwhile, Mo Hunter (a relative of Reg’s) arrives in town for the wedding and encounters Suzie and Spencer desperately trying to calculate the required ingredients for the wedding cake. Rita eventually saves the day by revealing a hidden talent for mathematics.

At the Newtown Evangelical Church, Reg and Harold exchange their vows but Reg reveals a possessive side. Simpkins then shocks the guests by expressing his undying love for Constance, who, even more shockingly, falls into his arms. As the final bars of ‘Eternal Flame’ play, Harold and Reg leave on their honeymoon to begin a new life as a married couple.

More photos from this episode here.

Memorable Moments:
– Sass’s fear that being a Maid Of Honour involves human sacrifice
– Fred’s drunken best man speech
– Confetti! So much confetti!

Will Harold and Reg be happy together forever?
Have Constance and Simpkins finally fallen in love?
What next for Rita and her gift for mathematics?
Find out in Episode 9 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera