Episode 9.9: The Morning After

Tuesday 12th May 2015 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

It’s the morning after the wedding and a bewildered Constance wakes up awkwardly next to a smiling Simpkins. Fred thinks Simpkins is only after her twins and, whilst revealing his own paternal ambitions, together they hatch a plot to empty Simpkins’ bank account. Across town, Mo Hunter has taken a liking to Newtown and wants to establish a gallery. She sets out to obtain some local art with the help of Robin who reveals a secret passion for the artistic representation of breasts. Meanwhile, Suzi needs help boosting business at her bakery. Rita helps launch her a website but Simpkins advises them to take saucy photographs of themselves wearing nothing but buns and cakes. During the photoshoot, Robin enters the shop and is persuaded (blackmailed) into suggestively eating the buns whilst saying “’Mmmm… Shlovely!’

Halfway across the world, Reg and Harold are on their Hawaiian honeymoon. After surfing and shopping however, they decide that things are a bit of a let down and so spice things up with a foursome! They end up having all their possessions stolen including their passports and have to assume the identities of two hula girls in order to get back home.

Memorable Moments:
– Fred’s AZERTY keyboard – “whenever I search for Zimbabwe I get Qimbaze…”
– Reg and Harold’s romantic open sea surfing trip

Will Constance stay with Simpkins?
Will Robin be embarrassed by those smutty photos?
Are hula skirts a genuine substitute for a valid passport?
Find out in Episode 10 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera