Episode 9.10: An Idiot, A Fraud

Tuesday 26th May 2015 at The Wardrobe Theatre

Simpkins receives a letter from the fraud squad telling him all his money is gone. Furious, he is forced to stay with Rita in her tiny council flat until he finds who is responsible. Meanwhile, Mo and Magdalene are at the airport to welcoming home newlyweds Harold and Reg (who have changed their surnames to Longstick) but Harold explains that after losing a hula competition, Reg is stuck in Hawaii until they can raise the money for his return. Across town, the naked calendars of Robin are back from the printers and much to her annoyance, have been put up everywhere by Suzi.

Big Dick Johnson has lost his mind to gambling. Dr Magdalene blames poor diet and a lack of sleep and insists that he start keep a record of his poos so that she can diagnose him better. Later at the opening of the new art gallery, Mo is bowled over by the artistic quality of Dick’s poo drawings. At the party, Fred is splashing money about paying for Reg’s return, helping Robin buy the calendars back and donating to the gallery itself when he lets slip that he is the one who frauded Simpkins out of all his money!

Memorable Moments:
– Harold explaining that the prize for winning the hula dance competition was a walking stick and passport renewal.
– An extended slow-motion chase across town between Fred, Robin and Suzi.
– Mo recounting how she once lost her double cousin, Reg, on a train in Europe as Harold acts out the whole story behind her.

Will Reg make it back to Newtown in one piece?
What will happen when Simpkins confronts Fred about the stolen money?
Will Magdalene get to the bottom of what is really wrong with Big Dick Johnsons?
Find out in Episode 11 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.