Episode 9.11: Double Dads

Tuesday 9th June 2015 at The Wardrobe Theatre

Rita is enjoying living with Simpkins and despite his negativity, she seems to be falling for him. Coincidentally Big Dick is at Mo’s art gallery to explore his creative side but finds more than he bargained for (perhaps true love!) as they too fall for each other over pitbulls and pottery. Meanwhile Spencer and Reg fly back from Hawaii together just in time to hear that with the help of Suzi and Robin, Constance has finally given birth to her twins! Their parentage is still a mystery, something that is really stressing out Harold, and so Magdalene sends some DNA samples off for forensic examination. The results dramatically reveal that the twins have separate fathers: Constance’s daughter is Big Dick Johnson’s and her son belongs to Simpkins!

Memorable Moments:
– Constance’s sensual James Bond inspired birth scene
– The moment Simpkins is revealed to be the father and to booming ‘O Fortuna’ music
– Spencer and Reg killing time on their flight by discussing films and playing with some condoms they found

How will Simpkins react now he finally has his heir?
Are Rita and Mo about to get new men in their lives?
How will becoming parents change Dick and Constance?
Find out in Episode 12 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.