Episode 9.12: Glastonbury and a Brand New Baby

Tuesday 23rd June 2015 at The Wardrobe Theatre

Harold, Rita, Sazz are going Glastonbury together! Reg is jealous and wants to make sure Harold remains faithful whilst at the festival and so Fred (in between spending more of Simpkins’ money) helps him into a disguise to go spying on the group. Harold doesn’t recognise this stranger following him around but he’s strangely drawn to him and the pair eventually end up making love in a tent. Unmasked, Reg accuses Harold of cheating but as Harold sees it, he’s only cheated on Reg with Reg so it doesn’t count.

Meanwhile, Big Dick Johnson is a father. He’s been treating his little princess, Lambrini, to fake tans and One Direction tickets but Spencer gives him a crash-course in nappy changing, burping and lullaby singing. Dick’s life looks set to get even more complicated when Mo (encouraged by Magdalene) turns up at his doorstep to profess her love!

Memorable Moments:
– Mo describing the vase she and Dick made together: “You see that wobble in the handle?That was my orgasm.”
– Repeated flashbacks from the entire community as they recall their past experiences with drugs.

Will Lambrini grow up to be a Johnson or a Sugar?
How many more tests can Reg and Harold’s relationship survive?
Will Simpkins finally get his revenge on Fred for frauding him out of all his money?
Find out in Episode 13 and Season Finale of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.