Episode 9.13: Simpkins’ Bad Heir Day

Tuesday 7th July 2015 at The Wardrobe Theatre

Not only has Simpkins been frauded out of all his money but now his baby son, Ebenezer, has been abducted! Looking for answers, Simpkins tortures Harold who lays out an evil game in which Simpkins will have to decide which he loves more: his son or his money!

Big Dick Johnson’s been out with Suzi buying ‘mood make-up’ for his little daughter, leaving Magdalene and Robin home to ineffectively babysit. Meanwhile, Mo confesses to dropping her double cousin Reg on his head as a child and ending his promising career as an artist, dooming him instead to a life of clumsiness. As the pair carry Reg’s newest artwork across town, they spy Simpkins smuggling Harold into the back of a car so Reg and Mo quickly jump onto Magdalene’s bicycle in pursuit. Harold eventually leads Simpkins to which of the two he loves more – his son – but Harold’s game has been the final straw. An enraged Simpkins pulls a gun just as Reg dives between them! In the ensuing struggle there is a gunshot and a scream, but who has been shot?!

Memorable Moments:
– The slapstick mayhem as Reg and Mo try to carry a large painting through town but keep encountering clumsy members of the community
– Harold’s evil riddles to provoke Simpkins: “You wake up! It’s 6.45am!”

Who got shot?! Reg, Harold or Simpkins?!
Has Mo now got over the guilt of dropping her baby cousin?
How will Big Dick Johnson deal with the tougher tests of fatherhood?
Find out in Season 10 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.