Episode 10.2: Bowling Bad And Breaking Up

Tuesday 22nd September 2015 at Bristol Improv Theatre

To keep Simpkins away from her babies, Constance is arranging to get full custody. She’s keen to share this responsibility with Big Dick Johnson and potentially even become a family together but Dick is not about to settle down. Simpkins meanwhile is contesting the imminent custody decision. He’s plotting to convince a judge of his case by manipulating Rita’s affections for him and fake being in a stable relationship with her.

Frustrated at being “on a break” from their marriage, Reg is expressing himself by literally putting his blood, sweat and tears into a violent painting, whilst Harold is experimenting with internet dating. When Mo and Reg deliver a giant ice sculpture to the café (the final touch to Fred’s aquatic rebrand), Fred winks at Harold and suggest all 4 of them go on a double date! Over bowling, Reg and Harold emotionally share a few harsh truths and seem destined to make their break permanent.

Memorable Moments:
– Rita professing her love and admiration for Simpkins, only for him to ask whether she’ll repeat it in front of a judge.
– Harold and Reg’s excruciatingly sad and awkward break-up in the bowling alley.
– Fred’s new menu at Café Barracuda being made up purely of FISH FISH FISH!

Are Big Dick and Constance going to settle down as a family?
Can nothing now bring Harold and Reg back together?
Who will win the baby custody battle – Simpkins or Constance?

Find out in Episode 3 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.