Episode 10.6: You Can Get It If You Really Want

Tuesday 17th November 2015 at Bristol Improv Theatre

Mo and Big Dick Johnson are enjoying an evening together robbing Argos in a thunderstorm when Dick is appalled to discover that Mo’s first love was his cousin, Gary! Dick eventually lets bygones be bygones and the pair make up by tangoing in the rain. Despite their new three-way open relationship, Constance has been left at home to babysit but Harold is round to entertain baby Lambrini. Reg, meanwhile, is struggling to paint the foyer of Simpkins’ new hotel and so ropes Constance and Harold in to help. Whilst working together, Reg and Harold ignite some of their former passion and sneak off for some romance leaving Constance and Simpkins to argue bitterly about their upcoming custody battle. They both leave long, raging messages to their respective lawyers but after another venomous battle of words, can’t resist ripping each other’s clothes off!

Memorable Moments:
– Harold regaling Constance with the touching story of Shakespeare’s Unknown Son.
– Simpkins on the phone to his lawyer, describing the vomit crescendo Constance would cause if she were to win custody of the baby.
– Big Dick and Mo dancing in the thunderstorm to Jimmy Cliff’s reggae classic, You Can Get It If You Really Want.Who will win full custody of baby Ebenezer: Constance or Simpkins?
Have Reg and Harold recovered from the rough patch in their marriage?
Is Dick, Mo and Constance’s three-way open relationship really working?

Find out in Episode 7 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.———————————————————————————————————————————–