Episode 10.7: Mo Low, Mo Go (Christmas Special: Part 1)

Tuesday 1st December 2015 at Bristol Improv Theatre
At Suzi’s bakery, Harold is giving Reg an early Christmas present, a ‘Deal Or No Deal’ board game. The whole community pop by to give some relationship advice for the troubled pair and eventually they decide to reunite – but in an open relationship. Meanwhile, Rita is madly in love and so picks up some ’I ♥ SIMPKINS’’ and ‘I ♥ RITA’ t-shirts for Christmas. However, after last week’s dalliance, Constance admits that she finds sex with Simpkins strangely addictive and so sneaks off again to meet him at his hotel, only to be spotted by reporter Robin! Later that night, Rita catches the pair at it!Mo Hunter is reviewing her time in Newtown when she realises that all of her artwork has just been a cry for New Zealand. She becomes increasingly homesick and is on the verge of throwing herself to her death when her long lost love, Gary Baldwin, arrives! The pair express their undying love for each other and, arm-in-arm, depart.Memorable Moments:
– Mo’s homesick hallucinations including Harold doing a Haka, Reg possessed by Gary Baldwin and Robin as New Zealand livestock.
– Constance comparing sex to Simpkins to stepping on a slug – disgusting but you kind of want to try it again.How will Rita be react to Simpkins’ betrayal?
How will Dick react to Mo’s departure?
What will happen in the custody battle between Constance and Simpkins?

Find out in Episode 8 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.———————————————————————————————————————————–