Episode 10.8: No Room At The Inn (Christmas Special: Part 2)

Tuesday 15th December 2015 at Bristol Improv Theatre.
With her mobile bakery destroyed, Suzi has lost everything but, after some holy intervention, Harold makes it his mission to help her. Together they journey on a Christmas crusade to find a stable (Mo’s abandoned art gallery), a shepherd (Big Dick Johnson wearing antlers) and three kings (Robin with some stocking fillers) and once a nativity scene is set up, Harold starts charging people to visit, thus raising money to help Suzi get back on her feet.Meanwhile Constance is gloating over Rita who has just discovered her beloved Simpkins has been having an affair! After the women battle for his affections, Simpkins seems destined to choose married, family life with Constance but at the last moment opts for Rita! Bedraggled, Constance seeks the loving embrace of former lover Big Dick Johnson but he’s heartbroken after the departure of Mo. Dick coldly tells Constance he thinks she’s an awful, unfaithful schemer and that there’s no room at his inn tonight. Constance is left to wonder off into the night desperate and alone.
Memorable Moments:
– Live music spawning several improvised songs including Constance and Simpkins’ love rivalry and a climactic final scene as the entire cast repeat the chorus “No room at the inn” at Constance as she leaves.
– A stone paper scissors interpretive dance-off between Rita and Constance.
– The voice of God bantering with Harold (from the offstage microphone).
What will Constance do now that everyone’s turned their backs on her?
Is this money and support a second chance for Suzi?
Will Simpkins remain faithful to Rita now?

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