Episode 11.2: Pablo Hairy

Monday 1st February 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

The emotionally vulnerable Suzi is reading her personal diary to Reg when she mistakes his gawky friendliness for true love! Reg is totally oblivious of his new relationship and is confused when his husband Harold is suddenly so distraught. Meanwhile, Big Dick Johnson visits Constance and inspires her to stop wallowing in self-pity and to become her old, powerful self once again – the first step being to stop brushing her hair with a ladle.

Across town, Harold, Rita and Spencer are nervously daring each other to go into the old haunted house and are relieved when they discover the inhabitant is just social repressed but friendly local man, Pablo. His overbearing mother has recently passed, leaving Pablo finally free to pursue his dream of becoming a hairdresser. Later in his salon after treating to Harold and Spencer, Pablo is confronted by the bushy barnet of Constance but bravely tackles it head-on to help Constance on her road to recovery.

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Memorable Moments:
– Repeated scenes of Big Dick Johnson and Reg showing off their underwhelming collections to an amazed Suzi.
– Harold, Rita and Spencer tentatively entering the haunted house with owl hoots and creaky doors.
– The flashback to Pablo’s mother’s funeral as each member of the community paid their respects.
– Harold’s very understated coffee enema in the hair salon.Will Pablo’s dreams of being a successful hairdresser become a reality?
Will Constance ever get back to being her old self?
Will Reg realise he is in a new relationship with Suzi before it’s too late?
Find out in Episode 3 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.———————————————————————————————————————————–