Episode 11.3: How Can You Be Rickshaw? (Valentine’s Day Special)

Monday 15th February 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

It’s the 14th February in Newtown and Harold is curious to find a Valentine’s Day card addressed to Reg, his husband, from Suzi. Deceitfully, Harold decides to stay quite on this strange affair and will play along, waiting for an advantage. Harold is so distracted that later that night when the couple are sharing a punnet of strawberries in the bathtub, Reg nearly drowns!

Meanwhile, Rita and Simpkins are enjoying an incredibly romantic day of flowers, chocolates and a rickshaw ride around town, pulled by Spencer. But whilst they are out, the desperate Constance breaks into their hotel with Pablo and steals one of her baby twins back! She’s spotted just as she’s escaping and a high speed chase ensues as Spencer’s rickshaw tries to keep up with Constance on the back of Fred’s new motorbike! Eventually there is a showdown at the old abandoned secret warehouse as Constance, Big Dick Johnson, Simpkins and Rita argue over the baby’s future – but when their backs are turned, Constance makes a run for it!

Memorable Moments:
– The exciting chase scene between Spencer’s rickshaw (with Simpkins and Rita perched on the back) and Fred’s motorbike (with Constance clutching onto her baby on the back) whilst both drivers try to give a guided tour of local landmarks
– Rita ripping her shirt open in lush to reveal a t-shirt with Simpkins face on it underneath
– Big Dick Johnson and Constance duetting on a lullaby for the baby

How far will Constance get with her baby now she is on the run?
When will Harold break the news he knows about Suzi’s feelings for Reg?
How will Simpkins and Rita react with one of their babies stolen?
Find out in Episode 4 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.