Episode 11.4: Push, Swivel, Thrust (Leap Year Special)

Monday 29th February 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Spencer thinks Leap Years are to commemorate the first person who every jumped off a building and so meets Fred and Harold at the top of Newtown’s tallest. Just as they’ve thought better of leaping off though, a sudden strong gust of wind blows them all over the edge! Meanwhile, after nearly drowning in the bath, Reg is taking some swimming lessons from Pablo. He is a fast learner and is soon back-stroking up and down the River Newt and is luckily on hand to rescue Fred, Harold and Spencer as they all land in the river.

Meanwhile in a large shed on Slough Street, Constance and Big Dick Johnson are hiding out after kidnapping baby Ebenezer. The furious Simpkins and Rita manage to track them down but after an angry confrontation, the thieves get away! Constance is desperate for Dick’s help to take back her daughter too and sweetens the deal by getting down on one knee and proposing marriage. But, after the pair finally get their hands on both twins, Dick turns down Constance’s proposal – he has come to learn what an unloving mother she is and decides the twins will be better off without her. He coldly exits with both babies, leaving Constance alone and totally distraught!

Memorable Moments:
– Pablo’s expert swimming lessons of “push, swivel and thrust”.
– The calamitous moments as the wind blows Fred off the edge of Newtown’s tallest building!
– Gasps of shock from the audience as Big Dick Johnson takes Constance’s twins and exits without her.

What is Big Dick Johnson’s plan for the baby twins?
Could this abduction rip Simpkins and Rita’s marriage apart?
Will Constance ever see her children again?
Find out in Episode 5 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.