Episode 11.5: Twin Tweaks

Monday 14th March 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Simpkins is devastated after the double abduction of the baby twins but Reg and Harold help him find strength and purpose in the pursuit of love. Inspired after this good deed, Harold locks himself away to write a new play for Reg. Similarly inspired, Simpkins interrupts her pedicure at Pablo’s salon to declare his love for Rita. Together they are galvanised to get the babies back!

Meanwhile Big Dick Johnson is driving around town with the baby twins, uncertain what their future will bring. As he momentarily leaves the infants unattended however, Pablo takes it upon himself to rescue them. Finally, Dick, Simpkins and Rita track the babies down to Pablo’s house (where he’s being introducing them to his mother’s ashes) but the stress of the whole ordeal has left Simpkins cold and unforgiving. He grabs the babies and walks off into the distance alone as Dick calls after him “if you’re taking them away, you better never come back!”

Memorable Moments:
– Reg and Harold reciting Foreigner lyrics: “Simpkins, you’re cold as ice. Are you willing to sacrifice?”
– Simpkins’ lessons in love (where L stands for “Longing looks”, O stands for “Orgasm”, V stands for “Very nice post-coital chats”, and E stands for “Erogenous”) and subsequently Simpkins finding a can of corn beef very erogenous
– Harold writing his new play aloud and playing all the parts including a dog and his inner child

Will Simpkins and the baby twins ever come back?
Who will Pablo introduce next to his mother’s ashes?
Can Rita ever forgive her husband for this betrayal?
Find out in Episode 6 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.