Episode 11.9: Off The Hook

Monday 9th May 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

There is undeniable sexual tension between Constance and Spencer but both are wary of a new relationship. Spencer is married and Constance is conscious of her standing in the community so they resolve to begin a very secret love affair together. Meanwhile in the salon, wannabe hairdresser Pablo has booked in Suzi, Sazz and Scarlett all in for a hair appointment at the same time! Struggling to cope, he breaks down but (with the help of a talking comb) the girls comfort him and encourage him not put so much pressure on himself.

Having been exposed, Simpkins is scared and on the run. He looks to Harold for help but he cannot delay the inevitable as a furious Big Dick Johnson has gathered the entire community together calling for his blood! The riled mob go hunting for Simpkins with pitchforks and eventually corner him in the hotel where he pleads for his life in song. Having been calmed, the mob turn to Rita for final judgement and although she hates Simpkins, she realises she loves him deeply too and so, for now, Simpkins is off the hook.

Memorable Moments:
– The reoccurring gag of Big Dick Johnson being too angry to flirt with the various women of Newtown
– Harold ingeniously managing to hide from Simpkins in plain sight
– Constance and Spencer trying to secretly kiss in the street but keep getting interrupted by the community just at the last moment

How long will this peace between Simpkins and the community last?
Can Pablo ever become a truly great hairdresser?
Will Constance and Spencer manager to keep their love affair a secret?
Find out in Episode 10 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.