Episode 11.10: Newtown Never Forgets

Monday 23rd May 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

In the salon, Scarlett and Pablo are bonding over their recurring nightmares but in the pub personalities are clashing: Suzi is doing her best to calm matters but Constance is jealous of Gina’s close relationship with Big Dick Johnson while Gina thinks Constance is a bully! Meanwhile, door-to-door salesman Billy De Burg is selling Tupperware to Reg. What with Harold so busy with his new job, Reg is getting lonely at home all day and so wants to join Billy’s salesman team. Later, Harold and Reg are both anxious that that this new hansom man in their lives will affect their relationship.

Since the community’s angry confrontation with Simpkins last week, there has been an uneasy peace hanging over the place and Dick comes to remind Simpkins and Rita the town motto: ‘Newtown Never Forgets’. Enraged, Simpkins goes for a long walk alone but is later found stabbed! Sazz tries to apply some emergency first aid on her uncle but the community are disinterested. Later in the hospital, surgeons work furiously into the night but can they save Simpkins’ life?

Memorable Moments:
– Big Dick Johnson asking every lady he meets whether they’ve lost weight
– Psychedelic flashbacks to Scarlett and Pablo’s abstract nightmares
– Reg and Harold bickering as they prepare dinner when they cut and burn themselves at the same time

Will Simpkins survive the surgery?
Is this the start of a mighty feud between Gina and Constance?
Who stabbed Simpkins?
Find out in Episode 11 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.