Episode 11.12: The Referendum (100th Ever Episode Special)

Monday 20th June 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

As Simpkins’ life hangs by a thread, his soul has floated up to the gates of heaven where the long-deceased Judith is assessing his eligibility for entry – did he use the time he was given wisely?

Meanwhile, Big Dick Johnson has called a referendum – the community will vote whether they want Simpkins to “leave” this mortal coil or “remain” alive. The decision divides Newtown bitterly and, after many arguments, radio debates and bake sales, everyone heads to the ballot box. As the last and deciding voter, Fred is agonisingly torn. The stress provokes a heart attack and his dying wish is for his organs to be donated to Simpkins – an operation that successfully revives him! Suddenly full of love and life, Simpkins generously grants wishes to all the community including an unattested divorce for Rita and a quarter of a million pounds for Sazz who he had swindled out of her inheritance. Won over, the community burst into song and carry Simpkins on their shoulders – he is a changed man!

Memorable Moments:
– The biggest episode ever at double the normal length, with 2 musicians and 17 characters including several special guest appearances
– Harold and Reg unwittingly interrupting a secret romantic picnic between Constance and Spencer, triggering a round of foodstuff innuendo – Constance likes her cheese hard, red and veiny
– Fred’s spontaneous and potty-mouthed referendum rap
– The flashback to Morris Cumberbatch’s untimely death; interrupted making nunchucks with a circular saw
– Reg’s politically satirical fascist rants, including accusing the Simpkins Remain Campaign of “Project Fear”
– Fred and Simpkins taking on each other’s consciousness after they had swapped organs

Has Simpkins truly changed for the better?
What will Sazz do with her new inheritance money?
How will the community mourn the death of Fred?
Find out in Season 12 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.