Episode 12.2: How I Met My Father

Monday 19th September 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol.

After their mutual organ swap, Simpkins is observed jumping for joy whilst Fred is growing increasingly bitter, evil and scheming. Across town, even though he’s feeling much better, Reg is still obsessively keeping Harold locked away from any sunlight or visitors. Reg blames Pablo for Harold’s condition, provoking Pablo to spread some rumours of his own. It is also revealed that Reg is also responsible for the failure of Billy’s Tupperware business but good-egg Billy is more concerned with helping Constance show to the community that she really loves Spencer. That night Spencer tells Constance he is going to leave his wife for her!

After 18 years away, Arthur James Shaw has arrived in Newtown to look up an old girlfriend but gets chatting to Scarlett (who has an instant crush on him). They have no idea that they are father and daughter, a bombshell which is finally dropped by a furious Gina, leaving Scarlett appalled and AJ flabbergasted!

Memorable Moments:
– Blissfully unaware they are related, Scarlett and AJ discovering all sorts of things they have in common including eye colour, a love of kale juice and The Scouts.
– Billy spying on Simpkins, watching him somersault and cartwheel through the town four times!
– Harold wandering dazed about town but quickly and silently getting swept up by Reg and taken home again.

Will this be a beautiful or painful reunion for the Pitts family?
What lengths will Fred go to to get his organs back from Simpkins?
Will Constance and Spencer finally be able to be together?
Find out in Episode 3 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.