Episode 12.3: Shove It Up Your Arson!

Monday 3rd October 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Constance and Spencer throw caution to the wind and celebrate their love with much snogging and skipping whilst any attempt of Harold’s to leave his basement prison result in Reg tightening his grip further. Meanwhile, Fred bullies Billy to set fire to Café Barracuda, trapping Simpkins inside! Having only just escaped the flames, Billy gets Pablo to apply ointment to his burns igniting a romance between the pair (and Pablo’s first ever kiss!). Burnt and battered, Simpkins confronts them both accusing them of arson!

Across town, Gina is warning Scarlett off her estranged father but Scarlett cannot deny her attraction to him. After an incestuous snog, Scarlett and AJ plan to start a new life together in Oldtown but on route, Scarlett finally sees her father for what he truly is, a cowardly, misogynistic pig. Gina bursts in to rescue her daughter and as revenge, violently shoves AJ’s old Scouting uniform up his arse!

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Memorable Moments:
– Numerous, rapid flashes back and forth between Billy panicking in the fire and Fred watching on from Lyle Hill
– AJ and Scarlett’s incestuous snog, provoking loud nauseated groans of disgust from the audience!
– Simpkins painfully slow crawling through the fire, weighed down by a log and then Fred dragging him back into danger

Can AJ win back the trust of his family?
Will Harold every escape free of Reg’s clutches?
Can anyone stop Fred before he does someone real harm?
Find out in Episdoe 4 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.