Episode 12.4: Snug Love

Monday 17th October 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Encouraged by Fred (whose evil madness grows apace), Simpkins is determined to find out who burnt down Café Barracuda and his eye is firmly on Billy who is wracked with guilt. Billy realises his only hope is to pretend to be in love with the poor Pablo who in return gives Billy an alibi for the night of the fire – but Pablo has noticed Billy is wearing a wedding ring! A confrontation between all four men in the pub’s snug ends in a bruising first fight!

Meanwhile, lovers Spencer and Constance are enjoying getting to know each other better while Harold is still locked up in Reg’s basement. However, when Reg lets his guard down for a moment, Harold seizes his chance and escapes to be joyously welcomed by his friends and family in the street! Across town, Gina and Suzi clash when they realise they are both after the same man: Big Dick Johnson. Suzi is back after serving a short term in prison for avocado theft but Dick is a family man at heart and decide to take Gina for a date in the snug.

Memorable Moments:
– Several characters repeatedly stepping into the pub’s snug for delicate conversations
– A slow-motion fist fight between Fred, Simpkins, Pablo and Billy which many blows to the testicles all being narrated by Gina
– Big Dick describing the awful treatment in prison of convicted arsonists (or ‘flamers’) while Billy’s guilt eats away at him and he gets more and more terrified
– Reg monitoring Harold in his basement and making his perform tasks all via CCTV

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Will Harold ever go back to his husband Reg after finally escaping?
Will Pablo realise he is being strung along by Billy or just get in deeper?
Is Suzi going to get revenge on love rival Gina?
Find out in Episode 5 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.