Episode 12.6: True Love Will Burn You In The End

Monday 14th November 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Suzi and Gina’s rivalry reaches fever pitch and they have a physical fight in Aldi. Across town, Simpkins is determined to find out who burnt down Café Barracuda and seeing as he recalls someone dragging him into the blaze on that fateful night, he plans to summon everyone for a strength test.

Billy and Pablo are moving in together! The community joyfully assembles for their flat-warming party but Billy feels smothered by his sham relationship. Later in his bathroom, Billy confesses that he started the fire to Spencer before admitting his false love to Pablo and lashing out at him spitefully. Meanwhile, Reg has followed Harold into Billy’s basement and imprisons him once again; however, Reg eventually relents and announces he is leaving town to join a colonising mission to Mars. Later at the strength test, accusations of arson are flying around but Spencer calls for calm and reveals the truth for all to hear: the evil mastermind behind the fire was Fred!

Memorable Moments:
– Harold’s allergic reaction to Malibu, making his tongue swell and his voice adopt an Eastern European accent
– Constance and Gina’s happy dance!
– Suzi’s dismay at not getting an inner-monologue despite everyone else having a turn

How will Pablo react to Billy now the truth is out about his false love?
Will Fred get away with burning down the café?
How will Reg fair as he prepares to move to Mars?
Find out in Episode 7 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.