Episode 12.7: Mother Knows Best

Monday 28th November 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Pablo wants to make heart-breaker Billy suffer and is refusing to move out of his flat. Billy seeks aid from Fred and, after joyriding around town, they are determined to kick Pablo out. Pablo, in his distress, has been talking to a mural of his dead mother and she talks back, resulting in Pablo popping pills, collapsing in the street and being put in Big Dick’s lock-up. Meanwhile downstairs, no-one has noticed Harold has been locked in Billy’s basement for days without food.

Across town Gina has lost a mysterious birth certificate, an important document which is recovered by her sworn enemy Suzi (who Scarlett is becoming very close friends with) before being pocketed by Big Dick. That night at the Newtown Christmas Fayre, Gina and Suzi compete for Big Dick’s attention with their home brews before the Christmas lights turn-on cause a massive powercut!

Memorable Moments:
– Scarlett trying to bring Suzi and Gina closer together through the power of yoga
– Harold catching three mice and naming them as elements of a fry-up, before eating them
– Billy and Fred doing Top Gear

Is this the end for Pablo?
Will Gina’s secret document stay secret?
Can anyone find and rescue Harold before it is too late?
Find out in Episode 8 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.