Episode 12.8: There Was A Young Man Who Swallowed A Cat (Christmas Special)

Monday 12th December 2016.

It’s Christmas Eve in Newtown and Fred has vowed to find Billy’s missing cat to prove to the depressed Pablo there is still goodness in the world. His search takes him to the hotel where Simpkins has set booby-traps (ala Kevin McCallister) because no matter what he does, people still hate him. Following a bang to the head, Fred’s consciousness is taken over by various celebrity voices until Simpkins and Fred share a mince pie and magically reverse their spirits which have been embodying each other.

Across town, Pablo and Billy finally make peace but they can hear screams coming from the basement! Having been stuck down there for days, Harold has been forced to eat Billy’s cat but he’s also broken a pipe and the water is rising fast but Pablo and Billy break him free just in time. Meanwhile Gina and Big Dick consummate their relationship but Dick is being very distant. Finally at Constance’s Christmas party he confronts Gina about her lost birth certificate and we learn the truth: Scarlett is adopted!

Memorable Moments:
– Harold being dragged backwards along the floor by Billy’s angry cat
– Several of the community resuscitating Harold by regurgitating pre-chewed mince pie into his mouth
– Constance’s Christmas song to wrap up everyone’s stories and the season

Will Gina tell Scarlett the truth that she’s not her real mother?
After making peace, what does the future hold for Billy and Pablo’s relationship?
Can Harold be forgiven for eating Billy’s cat?
Find out is Season 13 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.