Episode 13.2: Candi’s Comeback

Monday 30th January 2017 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Having travelled from America where she’s lived all her life, Candi Johnson arrives in Newtown, following in the footsteps of her long deceased parents. When she comes across Big Dick however, she is repulsed and keeps secret the fact that she is his long-lost niece. Seeking lodgings elsewhere, Candi befriends Scarlett and together they move into Billy’s spare room.

Simpkins is battling with his inner demons and receives a mixture of counselling and gloating from Constance. Meanwhile Harold opens up to Pablo, explaining how he’s been lonely for months but when his distant husband finally reappears, Reg announces he’s unworthy of Harold and will leave him alone forever. Across town Fred and Billy are excited to be starting a new partnership together but before they can settle on the business they want, Fred demands total control. After insults are traded, Fred hastily hires Dick to kill Billy but at the last minute calls it off, claiming it was just a prank!

Memorable Moments:

  • Billy, Fred and Dick trying to get their heads round clauses A,B,C,D,E, K and W of their contract together
  • Reg recalling his travels across America where he encountered several odd robots
  • Candi complimenting Scarlett’s colourful poncho: “I like your magic carpet, does Aladdin sit on your face?”
  • Harold chasing a bouncy ball around the stage

How will Candi find life in Newtown?
Will Dick go through with his contract to kill Billy?
Does this spell the end for Reg and Harold?

Find out in Episode 3 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera