Episode 13.7: Pablo Is Dead(ish)

Monday 3rd April 2017 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Harold, Reg and Pablo are falling from the cliff! Harold and Reg end up in hospital whilst everyone else goes to Pablo’s funeral. His body was unrecovered and he is actually far out at sea, deciding once and for all to prove his dead mother wrong and survive! Suzi really likes Fred but feels tongue-tied around him, Fred likes her too but tells her that right now a distraught Harold is his number one priority. After the adoption bombshell, Scarlett tells Gina she is moving out and Gina tries to feel better by finding new hobbies, including jetskiing.

Meanwhile, Billy is being pressed into work as a waiter at Simpkins’ hotel restaurant. As Big Dick Johnson is angry at Billy for failing as an honorary Johnson, Simpkins is using Billy as bait to lure Big Dick to the hotel and into custody by the police but when Scarlett (seeking space away from her parents) enters unexpectedly, Billy makes a hasty escape!

Memorable Moments

  • The lives of Pablo, Harold and Reg flashing before their eyes as they slow motion fall from the cliff.
  • The gasp of shock from the audience as Pablo’s funeral is announced.
  • Pablo swimming all the way up the theatre stairs while swearing at his dead mother.

How will Harold cope with the loss of Pablo?
Will Pablo make it back to Newtown?
Will Gina be able to let go of her heartache and guilt?

Find out in Season Episode 8 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.