Episode 13.8: The Tale of the Easter Bunny, the Camel and the Monkey (Easter Special)

Monday 17th April 2017 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Harold is still in hospital, recovering from his fall from the cliff and grieving for lost love Pablo. Suzi tries to comfort him, hoping that she will win him over as she really fancies his dad, Fred. Meanwhile, Harold’s ex, Reg, is inspired by an Easter balloon to be free and weightless and go off on adventure. As luck would have it, he bumps into Gina who is heading to Calais on her jet-ski to stock up the pub with cheap spirits. In Calais, after a boozy dinner, Reg invites Gina to share a room with him! Meanwhile Pablo is alive but dishevelled and pissed off. He is determined to swim back to Newtown and Harold.

Back in Newtown, Billy is on the run from his potential assassin, Big Dick Johnson. Billy hides in plain sight in the guise of various Bank Holiday deities, but Big Dick eventually discovers him and plays a game of catching Easter foods in his mouth which, if Billy loses, will end in his death!

Memorable Moments

  • Billy hiding in a bin in the alley, Big Dick arriving to choose a bin to piss in
  • Pablo devouring a rabbit raw to get strength for his journey
  • Harold and the Easter Bunny having flashbacks about what has made them sad
  • Billy’s maintaining his Easter Camel under Big Dick’s long-lasting stare

Will Reg and Gina get it on in Calais?
Will Pablo be able to swim all the way back home?
Will Big Dick kill Billy?

Find out in Episode 9 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.