Episode 13.12: Blind Fury

Rita has returned to town, haunted by memories of her ex-husband Simpkins’ cruelty. While Dick and Gina rekindle their love through extended metaphors, Harold is furious at losing his (missing, presumed dead) love, Pablo. He goes on a rampage. Candy, Bunny and AJ try to hunt him down but instead find Pablo alive and well! The two lovers are reunited at last- only for Pablo to discover that Harold has trashed his salon!

During a game of football with Billy, Reg loses an eye. Scarlett appears, still angry at Gina and desperate to find herself. The trio head to Newtown archives to discover her birth mother’s identity. Finally they get a name- Juliet Pickles Shawshank- and head off on a quest to find her.

Memorable Moments

  • Dick and Gina’s sexy lizard kiss
  • Harold finding his beloved Pablo alive
  • The Audience being asked to clap for a very, very long time while we did some filming for a trailer- thanks again, everyone

Will Scarlet find her birth mother?
Can Pablo forgive Harold?
What will Rita do when she meets Simpkins?
Will we get to see more of Gina and Dick doing weird sexy stuff?

Find out in Episode 13 of Closer Each Day