Episode 13.13: Family Is The Most Important Thing

Monday 26th June 2017 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Harold has invited Pablo and his long-lost sister, Monica, round for dinner. After some confusion, awkward romance, and manipulation from Pablo, Harold invites them both to move in!

Meanwhile, Rita wants to make Simpkins pay for everything he did to her but she’s taken aback when he apologises, citing that family is the most important thing. Meanwhile Scarlett has run away leaving AJ and Gina distraught, they too make up and vow to find her, with the help of Candi and Big Dick. Scarlett has hit the road with Reg, Billy and Suzi, searching for her real mother when Suzi drops a bombshell – she is Scarlett’s mum! Everyone catches up and at Gloucester Services, after lots of finger pointing, AJ reveals the truth: Suzi is pretending to be Scarlett’s mother as she is his stalker! Gina and Scarlett finally emotionally make up and after everyone hugs, Scarlett heads off – her birth mother is still out there!

Memorable Moments:

  • The monumental twist that Suzi wasn’t Scarlett’s real mother after all!
  • Reg commenting that Suzi drives a Ford Megan, not an Alterier Motive.
  • Candi alone scene after scene looking for someone to play Frisbee with her.

Will Scarlett ever find her real mother?
Will Suzi continue to stalk AJ?
How will Harold find living with Pablo and Monica?

Find out in Season 14 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.