Episode 14.1: Newtown’s Got Talent

Simpkins is feeling under the weather. Harold is missing new love Pablo, Gina is missing fiance Big Dick – they are both worried their respective loves don’t feel the same way about them.

Meanwhile, A.J., Reg and Monica have formed a band, a kind of heavy folk affair. Candi is being tutored by Constance in the ways of being more of a female icon, Constance wants her to become Ms Newtown as a way to draw attention to herself, the woman who taught her everything she knows!

A.J. and Fred are the judges, nearly everyone else enters the competition. Reg wins Mr Newtown and then the tension rises to see if Monica or Candi will win Ms Newtown. Though Constance got down and dirty with him to ensure Candi won, Monica is announced as winner. However, Monica doesn’t want it once she realises how much it meant to Candi, Candi is let down by Constance’s cheating and wants Monica to have it…while they are being nice and polite to each other, Constance claims the trophy and announces she is Ms Newtown!

Memorable Moments:

  • Reg’s song about getting a new eye to replace the one lost in a football accident
  • Constance’s ballet dance
  • Candi’s Shakespearean ode for the talent section of the competition

Will Pablo come back to Harold?
Will winning Mr Newtown give Reg fresh confidence?
Will Candi ever trust Constance again?

Find out in Episode Two of Season 14, on Monday 18th September 2017 at the Wardrobe Theatre

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