Episode 14.4: Once Upon A Crime

Constance is feeling all alone in life, Simpkins is also feeling lonely and unloved and vows to work on buffing himself up and becoming generally lovelier. Gina has been given a ticket for the tram and spends a nice day enjoying the ride all around town, but she falls asleep and gets locked in! Luckily, Pablo appears – but not so luckily he has developed a huge crush on Gina, who had just seen herself as his surrogate mother. After enjoying having her there to look at, like a hamster in a cage, Gina convinces him to help her get out and he goes off to get the key. But when he returns with the key Gina upsets him and he swallows it!

Meanwhile, Reg and AJ are working on a children’s book – all about Arthur the Elephant and Reg the Hedgehog who are best friends. Once they have finished it Reg says he has managed to get a publisher interested and they set up a book launch at Eliza’s bookshop. Over at the bookshop, new worker Candi has been chasing people out who piss her off with a broom and Eliza is trying to explain to her that they won’t get customers that way. Candi is protective of new and first ever friend Eliza and warns AJ and Reg that their book had better be a success and not humiliate Eliza. Reg asks to borrow AJ’s credit card to go and get some more copies of the book and publicity for the launch and so on. The publisher turns up at the launch as Reg promised, but it is really Reg in a not very convincing disguise! It turns out he made up the publisher and used AJ’s money to feed his online gambling habit! Candi is enraged at the scam and runs at Reg with her broom raised high.

Memorable Moments:

  • The class struggle being represented in AJ and Reg’s book, as Constance shouts down at them below on the street from her tall privileged tower
  • Gina eating a cereal bar on the tram, unaware that she is being watched by Pablo
  • The flashback which showed the time when Simpkins was lovely and everyone fancied him

Will Gina ever get out of that tram and what will she do about Pablo??
Will Simpkins manage to turn over a new leaf and become lovely again?
Will Candi cause irreparable harm to Reg with her broom or will he live to steal from friends again??

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