Episode 14.5: Halloween special…The Treehouse of Horror

The Little Salon of Horrors:

Monica and Pablo fed the people of Newtown to their hungry plant, driven to murderous rage by everyone having a predisposition to sing all the time

The Big Dick Project:

Intrepid young Newtowners Harold, Bunny and AJ, fresh out of college, film their adventure in the deep dark woods, sure that all those scary stories about the terrifying Principal Simpkins are just stories – until they get picked off one by one

Nightmare on Slough Street:

Kudos to whoever gave that suggestion and remembered a street name from a few seasons back! The twisted Freddy Gonzalez was appearing to those who fell asleep, so Gina and Simpkins were trying to stay awake, Eliza was trying to find out what had happened to Candi and AJ was doing the best he could even though he had never seen the films.

2 very short stories:

Eliza Doolittle: Who could hear her books calling to her,
Pablo Scissorhands: Snip snip snip!

All finished off by Reg and Big Dick, who had been telling those ghost stories in the treehouse, being mauled to death by Constance/ a wild monkey / koala / creature of the night.

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