Episode 14.6: ‘The blue genes of Newtown’

Candy Johnson confides in Fred that she is struggling with her identity. Her Johnson genes are telling her to be a violent, sometimes criminal whilst she aspires to be something better. Fred persuades her to hide her violent
tendencies. When Eliza punishes Candy for her lack of effort in the bookshop the newly meek Candy allows herself to be locked in the storeroom.

Bunny survives a four hour interview with Simpkins to work at the hotel. She fails to impress however with her German themed Christmas Market which just consisted of a large, cardboard sausage. Elsewhere Gina has been trapped on the tram at the end of the line since smitten Pablo swallowed the key. Feeling remorse Pablo finds a way on board and Gina’s boyfriend Big Dick finally returns from his Jiu Jitsu course in Norwich to save the day…and promptly gets stuck himself.

Memorable Moments:

  • Fred reveals his love of Dire Straits and close relationship to Alexa (the app which controls household lights etc)
  • Candy’s confession about the Johnson flatulence gene
  • Gina discovering the joy of silence while locked on the tram

Will Candy’s true nature be roused by Eliza?
Will Bunny impress Simpkins?
Will anyone ever escape the tram?

Find out in Episode 7 of Season 13 of Closer Each Day on Mon 27th November 2017 at the Wardrobe Theatre

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