Episode 14.7: ‘Fear and Loathing in Newtown’

Simpkins shows new employee Bunny around Newtown, introducing the ex-cult member to normal life. He gives her a room in his hotel and she is overcome with joy to have an actual bed with an actual pillow. Meanwhile, Reg is showing off in the pub, splashing cash around and buying Fred drinks – he got the money from maxing out his friend AJ’s credit cards and draining his bank account! Poor AJ has all his utilities cut off and is ejected from his home and forced to sleep on the streets. Even though Fred tried to cover up what happened, when AJ finds out it was all down to Reg, he is absolutely devastated and furious!

At the bookshop, Candi Johnson is trapped in the store room Eliza locked her in – she tries to escape, even threatening to drink bleach. Eliza is trying to be as tough as a Johnson to teach Candi a lesson, but she can’t keep it up and she eventually lets out a seemingly repentant Candi, who then flies at her with a vicious snarl! Over at the stationary locked tram, Big Dick Johnson, his girlfriend Gina, and Pablo are still trapped (Big Dick with half his body in and half out the tram, firmly stuck). Pablo is clearly losing it, hearing voices, and Gina tells Big Dick that he has kept her on the tram for days as he has a unhealthy crush on her. It seems they have moments before Pablo kills Big Dick Johnson!

Memorable Moments:

  • Bunny’s excitement over Tesco Express and all the things you can buy there
  • Candi saying ‘What would Uncle Dick do? He would never get himself stuck anywhere.’
  • Reg and Fred going crazy at the pub, buying all the salty snacks

Will AJ get back on his feet, and will he forgive Reg?

How will Bunny acclimatize to life in Newtown?

Will Big Dick and Gina live to love another day?

Does Eliza escape Candi’s wrath?

Will it be a Merry Christmas for them all?

 Find out in Episode 8 of Season 13 of Closer Each Day on Mon 11th December 2017 at the Wardrobe Theatre in our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!!


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