Episode 14.8: ‘A Christmas Single and a Christmas Not-Single-Any-More’

Reg is not finding life being rich from maxing out his best friend AJ’s credit cards very fun. He is lonely at Christmas-time in his penthouse on top of the local Travelodge. He tries to entertain himself and become a philanthropist by recording a Christmas single. Meanwhile AJ is planning dastardly ways to get him down from the top of tower, but a chance encounter with Candi and Eliza convinces him he should really try to make friends with Reg again, not murder him! Candi and Eliza also decide to forget the bad blood between them, they have bonded over the drama at the Travelodge and Eliza comes out with her secret – she likes Candi…and not just as a friend!

Across town, Big Dick Johnson and Gina Pitts are enjoying their Christmas Day reunited at the pub (and Gina’s new specially graduated bar, to serve all heights). Simpkins is also feeling a joyful Christmas spirit, bringing Bunny into his hotel and treating her as his protegee has given him a warm glow, he shocks Big Dick and Gina by showing this side of his personality and invites them to the hotel for a Christmas buffet. Later, everyone is at the buffet feasting on all the party pastries and fizzy drinks on offer. Bunny looks down from the mezzanine over the Newtowners, in awe at her new position in life – she thinks Simpkins is the most important person in town and this gives her power too! She yells out insults to the Newtowners and tells them to get out. Simpkins is happy to back her up and is delighted he has rubbed off on her.  Everyone leaves the hotel, mumbling, while Simpkins and Bunny cackle hideously. Two love-birds leave together, hand in hand – Eliza Thornfield and Candi Johnson!

Memorable Moments:

  • When Candi hears how Eliza feels about her, “Everyone wants Candi for Christmas!”
  • Eliza coming up with the pen name for her sci-fi erotica – E.T. Hornfield
  • AJ and Reg taking a mic each on the karaoke machine and busting out that Xmas single

What will happen this season? Well, let us find out in Episode 15.1, at The Wardrobe Theatre on Monday 15th January 2018!

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