Episode 15.1: ‘Hair today, gondola tomorrow’

Candi is torn – she is drawn to Eliza but also terrified by the strong feelings Eliza inspires in her. Eliza tries to convince her that the 25 year age gap and their different personalities are not an issue.

Meanwhile, AJ threatens to run off with the sponsorship money Fred has earned by not talking for a short time. Fred hits AJ over the head and then breaks his silence in Pablo’s hair salon, begging him for help. Simpkins goes to AJ’s aid, only to find AJ’s injury has left him sounding exactly like Simpkins! Fred and Pablo end up on the run, disguised as gondoliers on the Newtown canals.

Across town, Gina and Constance have bonded over throwing insults at each other and trying to talk to a fox in fox language – things turn sour when Gina accidentally insults the fox and the fox leaps at her throat!

Memorable Moments:

  • Fred trying to hide from Simpkins and AJ as they pace around the hair salon, wondering where he could be
  • Candi musing on Eliza’s porcelain qualities…not touching her because she is worried she will break!
  • Fred and Pablo’s Italian Gondola song…it was almost like being in Venice

Will Eliza and Candi take the plunge?

Will Fred and Pablo have found a new connection through their time as Gondoliers?

Will Gina have survived the nasty fox bite to the jugular?

Find out in Episode 15.2 on Monday 29th January 2018 at 8 pm at The Wardrobe Theatre

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