Episode 15.2: ‘Mick Jagged, Jimi Hendrocks, Lenny Crevice’

Candi is worried she does not know how to woo Eliza but Reg teaches her to trust her instincts. She surprises Eliza in the Newtown Rock Garden and expresses her feelings through an RnB song and a kiss.

Fred is forming a friendship with Pablo, but soon realises Pablo’s intentions are more intimate than he thought. Gina is nursing an injured throat after being attacked by a fox and can’t speak. Constance comes to the pub to cheer her up but leaves her recreational drugs on the bar. Meanwhile Simpkins is being annoyed by Arthur James who not only talks like him but has started to pretend to be him. Arthur, acting as Simpkins, then professes his true love for Constance!

Gina finally feels well enough to clear up Constance’s drugs but is interrupted by a siren and a flashing blue light…

Memorable Moments:

  • Reg naming the rockstar themed rocks in the rock garden (eg Keith Rockchards, David Bowlderie, Igneous Pop), while Candi came up with…Brian May Sandstone!
  • Pablo’s stiff reaction to his portraits of Fred…
  • Candi getting a Boots Advantage Card to impress Eliza

Will Gina be arrested?

Will Constance act on ‘Simpkins’ expressions of love?

How far will Pablo go to win over Fred?

Find out at our Valentine’s Special on Monday 12th February 2018


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