Episode 15.3, Valentine’s Special: ‘It’s all about MWAH! MWAH! MWAH!’

Constance was given misinformation about Simpkins’ feeling for her, Simpkins realises that she has expectations and toys with her in revenge for her breaking of his heart years before. But when Constance tells him how she really feels, he softens and confesses he had never stopped loving her. They kiss.

When Fred suggests meeting up at the pub later, Reg assumes he means in a romantic way. Reg prepares himself, excited, but is crushed when later in the pub Fred tells him how much he likes Gina and enjoys a flirt with her. Happy in her relationship, Gina wants none of that and instead encourages Reg to fulfil his Valentine’s wish and kiss Fred, which Fred is happy to do in return for a song. They kiss.

After forgetting her PIN and getting her card locked, Eliza’s plan for treating Candi to an expensive Valentine’s treat come to nothing. Candi had been insulted by Constance earlier and is feeling unconfident. But up on the cliffs, looking down at an open-air film, they both realise they do not need to splash money around or change themselves for the other to love them.  They kiss.

Memorable Moments:

  • Reg practising what he is going to say to Fred, playing Fred in an imaginary conversation
  • Simpkins stabbing a fork down on a plate to show Constance what she did to him, and then doing the same thing again to show her that he had just done the same to her
  • So much kissing!

Are Simpkins and Constance really going to try again, after all the harsh words and one child sent far away???

How will Gina react to Fred saying he fancied her?

Will Reg ever find love???

Find out in Episode 15.4 on Monday 26th February 2018 at 8 pm at The Wardrobe Theatre


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