Episode 15.4: ‘A Snowman Called Stuart’

It is unusually cold in Newtown. Constance and Simpkins are loved up, she leaves his penthouse happy – but with his ex-wife’s fur coat on, which she mistakenly thinks he has given her as a present. Reg is up on Lyle Hill, thinking about Fred (who he still has feelings for), but after bumping into Arthur James – friendless up on the hill apart from a small portable snowman friend called Stuart – he decides his old friend is more deserving of his thoughts. Arthur and Reg, inspired by the Olympics, form a human luge to get down the hill.

Pablo has Eliza in his salon and is finding out her witchcraft secrets about staying young. She is scaring him! Across town, Fred is on the radio, struggling to keep his eyes open after late-night Olympics binge-watching. Candi and Constance tease Gina at the pub about Fred flirting with her. Later, toasting marshmallows, they are shocked when Reg and Arthur, the human luge, come flying over the bonfire and crash-land next to them! Simpkins tracks down Constance and explains why she can’t have the coat. Constance realises she can’t wear it any more and throws it (and, symbolically, his ex-wife) on the bonfire. Fred finally finishes his radio show and has seen on his phone that Gina has swiped him right!

Memorable Moments:

  • Simpkins offering Reg ‘half a crown’ to fetch some flowers for him to give Constance
  • Fred putting on the whole of Pink Floyd’s Wall to buy himself some shut-eye time
  • Arthur’s snowy friend Stuart flying off the back of their human luge on their descent

Will Pablo keep Eliza’s secrets to himself?

Will Fred and Gina act on their flirtations or keep things friendly?

Are Reg and Arthur going to try out any other winter sports without the right equipment?

Find out in Episode 15.5 of Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre on Monday 12th March at 8pm

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