Episode 15.5: ‘A Chicken, a Horse, and the Devastating Salmon’

Morale is high in Newtown, following Candi’s discovery of the local Aldi and Gina’s imminent Salmon party. Sadly for Gina, the party takes a turn when she, Fred and Simpkins all start to feel the effects of the dodgy Aldi salmon and her special salmon liqueur. After the pub loo reaches full capacity, the trio decide to venture out into the storm to relieve themselves in the Aldi freezer section.

Meanwhile, Candi shuts up Pablo’s insults about her hair style by revealing that her look is inspired by her favourite celebrity, Black Beauty. She is devastated when she discovers the actor who played him died long ago, so Pablo decided to cheer her up by making eulogy for him through the medium of poetry and dance.

Reg is telling AJ all about his interaction with AJ’s long lost Uncle from Kentucky many years ago, which involved him having to escape imprisonment from a chicken coop with the help of his best chicken mate, Matilda. After hearing about Reg’s very own Shawshank Redemption, AJ is saddened by the fact none of his life experiences have never paralleled the plot of a major Hollywood movie.

Inspired by Candi’s song about how Black Beauty helped her to become her true self, Pablo undergoes a transformation of his own. Reg rebuilds AJ’s self- esteem with a rousing musical number whilst Fred and Gina confess their feelings for one another as they empty their bowels onto the Aldi Scampi.

Memorable moments:

  • The sight of Gina, Fred and Simpkins covered in their own excrement, desperately trying to get to Aldi
  • The many flashbacks of Reg’s travels to Kentucky, featuring his best friend Matilda the Chicken
  • Candi and Pablo’s moving song about letting Black Beauty inside of them

Has Reg really made AJ feel better about his sad uneventful life?

Will the new Pablo last? Or will he return to his old ways?

What’s next for Fred and Gina now their feelings are out in the open?

Find out in Episode 15.6 of Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre on Monday 26th March at 8pm

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