Episode 15.6: ‘Judge Sugar and the Case of the Runaway Tram’

Simpkins and Constance Sugar are in the lusty thrall of their new relationship. Over in the salon, Pablo is reinventing himself. When Constance arrives for a hair-do, they have a frank chat and she encourages him to go take on the world. Back at the hotel, Simpkins is wondering where his employee, Bunny Smith, is…

Bunny has been offered a ride on the tram to get to work – up front with driver AJ! Fred gets in the path of the tram, receiving a nasty clip on the ankle. Eliza has also suffered a bad bruise from AJ’s tram-driving and they resolve to make AJ pay. However, when it comes time for the public flogging (with a roll of Sellotape), Eliza wants nothing to do with violence and her and Fred’s new alliance breaks down in acrimony. AJ convinces Bunny to take the rap for him, so he does not lose his job. Bunny wants to be a good friend – so it is she that is put on trial!

Judge Sugar resides over the court case, with Simpkins and Pablo on the jury and Eliza and Fred facing off just like two TV lawyers. Eliza suggests using her witch skills on a chant that will make Bunny tell the truth. Pablo is morally disgusted by witchcraft and stomps off. The others fall under the spell as they chant over Bunny, so deep in the trance they are oblivious to AJ making a confession. Judge Sugar sentences Bunny to jail! Visiting Bunny in the cell, AJ is sorry, but not sorry enough to ‘fess up. Fred is sorry that his premeditated plan to get clipped by the tram and take AJ to court for damages has ended up hurting Bunny and promises her a French meal when she gets out.

Memorable Moments:

  • Jack doing magic on the keyboard and, after an on-stage offer, managing to combine ’70s prog rock with Chopin
  • Constance looking into the salon mirror with Pablo miming all of her words and actions behind her
  • Fred becoming courtroom lawyer McLintlock, complete with pacing and dramatic timing
  • Bunny being handcuffed with Sellotape, which continues to wrap itself around her as she suffers in the cell

Will AJ and Fred forgive each other over the tram-clipping and courtroom incident?

Will Simpkins and Constance manage to keep their clothes on for just a while?

Has Eliza’s witchcraft only just begun?!

Find out in Episode 15.7 of Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre at 8pm on Monday 9th April

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