Episode 15.7: ‘The Great Ginsters Debate, or, All is Fair in Love and Pasties’

Arthur James ‘AJ’ Shaw is racked with guilt over letting Bunny Smith go to jail for him for clipping Fred on the ankle whilst driving the tram. Plagued by his accusing reflection in the mirror, AJ is driven to go down to the pier and, after throwing in his tram driver’s uniform, is about to throw himself in. Meanwhile, Simpkins and Constance have been laughing at the sad spectacle at the end of the pier from their vantage point up in their penthouse. Simpkins however, after a race across down and a bit of pushing AJ in to satisfy a whim of Constance’s, does do the right thing and saves a flailing AJ from drowning.

Across town, Eliza is telling girlfriend Candi that the reason her witch powers have got stronger is because Candi has a witchy power in her too. When the two embrace they seem to levitate into the air!

Big Dick is enjoying himself in Aldi, he also gets some presents for Gina…who is back at the pub with Fred, the sexual tension crackling between them over a game of tiddlywinks. Gina and Fred go back to his and have sex! Gina feels terrible when back with Big Dick later. She returns to Fred’s, to tell him it must never happen again and it was a terrible mistake…but then they throw themselves at each other and kiss passionately!

Memorable Moments:
• The expression on Candi’s face as she feels the power of witchcraft flooding through her veins
• Fred playing air guitar in celebration of his love-making session with Gina
• Big Dick and Fred, in separate scenes, pronouncing the ‘G’ in Ginsters in a hard or soft way, and then using the contrary pronunciation for Golden Wonder crisps and Genoa cake

Will AJ ever forgive himself and make amends for his ways?
Will Fred and Gina carry on their affair and will Big Dick find out??
How is Bunny Smith doing, in that jail cell for a crime she did not commit?

Find out in Episode 15.8 of Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre at 8pm on Monday 23rd April

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