Episode 15.8: ‘Sofa, So Good’

Bunny is still languishing in jail, for AJ’s crime. Simpkins feels responsible for employee and protegee Bunny and wants to find a way to make AJ pay.

Big Dick Johnson and Fred Gonzalez are shopping separately at DFS when they bump into Candi Johnson, who is trying to buy laminate flooring to surprise Eliza. When Eliza follows Candi into DFS Candi is angry because she feels she is not being given space to do nice things and the laminate flooring surprise is ruined. The intensity of their relationship comes to a head and Candi tells Eliza it is over. Later, ELiza is desparate to go and win Candi back but Gina gives a firm talking to to her about the Johnson’s feelings about things like witchcraft (that it is all bullshit) and encourages her to accept Candi does not want her any more.

Gina has been having illicit sex with Fred, while her boyfriend Big Dick has been chatting with AJ at the bus stop. Simpkins has got hold of some of AJ’s huge white Y fronts with his name written on them and has planted them under Gina’s pillow. When Big Dick later tries to be a good boyfriend and tidy the bedroom up for Gina and make a love nest for them in the bed he discovers the pants! AJ is on the verge of going to confess to his crime when he is accosted by a furious Big Dick with murder in his eye!


  • Candi, while wanting advice about how to treat women from Big Dick and Fred, gets the two of them to demostrate a romantic kiss to her. Steamy!
  • Eliza being made to drink a massive Archers by Gina to feel better
  • The joy of trying out sofas at DFS

How will AJ manage to explain away his big pants??

Will they find out it was Simpkins’ doing?

Is it really over for Eliza and Candi?

Will Gina and Fred keep at it???

Find out in Episode 15.9 on 4th June 2018 at 8pm at The Wardrobe Theatre

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