Episode 15.9: ‘Big Pants, Magic Dance and Some Illicit Romance’

AJ Shaw desperately tries to figure out how his huge pants came to be in Big Dick Johnson’s girlfriend’s bed. He comes up with all sorts of theories, luckily eventually dissuading Big Dick from torturing or maiming him – Big Dick has realised that AJ may have an enemy who wishes him harm and who planted those pants.

The pants-planter, SImpkins, is having a lovely time by himself at his hotel. His peace is interrupted by a whittering AJ, wondering who could possibly want to do such a bad thing to him, and after a full seven hours of AJ’s company Simpkins breaks and tells him that it was he who had planted those pants and hoped for a violent outcome!

Elsewhere in Newtown, Gina is feeling guilty about doing the dirty with Fred behind Big Dick’s back, but just cannot seem to stop herself. She and Fred try to have proper conversations to get to know one another – but lust takes over and her pub is left shut while she gets it on with Fred.

On the other side of the world, Pablo is trying to find his zen when he is completely surprised by Candi showing up. She chose Thailand and that exact beach in Thailand completely by coincidence. They are overjoyed to see each other and go drinking mojitos by the bucket and taking magic mushrooms at a full moon party. They both have their sordid assignations, but Pablo realises he would love to see a more familiar, friendly face, someone he could truly fall in love with…

Meanwhile, back in Newtown, Eliza and Reg wait for a bus…and wait…and wait. The bus does not arrive but during the wait Eliza does bare her soul (and her sadness over girlfriend Candi just taking off without a word) to Reg, who believes that she should have  a proper think about things, and that there is no better place to think than, say, Thailand.

In a dramatic final scene, Pablo spots Reg, that familiar face he was yearning for. Soon Candi appears again, as does Eliza – Candi cannot believe her eyes!

Memorable Moments:

  • AJ’s huge pants, his ‘whiddle carriers’ – a big bit of white material does a good job making the most disturbing pair of pants ever seen
  • Simpkins watching ’80s television, loving Dangermouse and singing the them to ‘SimpkinsMouse’
  • Reg’s philosophy about late buses and life in general

What will Candi think of Eliza showing up right there, in front of her face?!

Has Reg felt the Cupid’s arrow as Pablo did??

How will AJ cope with finding out that Simpkins detests him and set him up???

Find out in Episode 15.10 at 8pm at The Wardrobe Theatre, followed by OUR IMPROVISED RADIO SOAP SHOW at 9.30pm.


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