Episode 15.10: ‘Thai Lies, Footballers’ Thighs, A Virgin’s Sighs’

AJ is reeling from Simpkins telling him that he is selfish and that everyone in Newtown thinks so, but he still cannot quite get past the ‘Me, me, it’s all about me’ attitude and when he decides to go and get police training, it may not be from the most virtuous of motives.

Fred and Big Dick are caught up in the World Cup spirit, but they also have time to talk about electricity and quantum physics too (Big Dick still completely ignorant about Fred sleeping with his girlfriend Gina). Meanwhile, Gina wants to get out of the pub and go for a walk – she gets Simpkins to take care of the bar while she does so and he gets throughly drunk and does a Gina impression so well that everyone coming into the pub thinks that he is in fact Gina Pitts! He is so drunk that he eventually passes out and only a coffee enema and some mouth to mouth from AJ brings him back to life.

Over in Thailand, Candi wants Eliza to leave her alone and so leaps on Pablo to pretend they are an item. Eliza decides later that she too has to show she doesn’t care and persuades Reg to pretend he is her lover. The four of them meet again on the beach and are so determined to prove their lie they have full penetrative sex with their respective fake partners. Candi did not realise Pablo was a virgin before and feels bad, he realises that he definitely is not interested in women and wants Reg badly. Candi convinces him that he needs to tell him! Later, at Candi and Pablo’s hotel, both couples come clean about their charade and Pablo and Reg take each others’ hands…

Memorable Moments:

  • The scene on Newtown’s village green (and a split screen with Thailand), with everyone watching the England v Tunisia match on the big screen but talking about their various issues
  • Pablo making Candi lay down on her ‘bunk bed’, a chair that she has to lay flat across very uncomfortably
  • Eliza’s reappearance on the beach in a sizzling red and white checked swimsuit, red tights, red sunglasses and a big floppy hat – pure glamour
  • Gina and Simpkins’ impressions of one another – nailed it!

Will Eliza and Candi talk things out?

Will Reg and Pablo’s romance survive beyond Thailand?

Will AJ actually go on the police training, and will he find a more selfless way to be or just get worse??

Will Fred and Gina keep getting away with it??

Find out in our SEASON FINALE, Episode 15.11, on Monday 2nd July 2018 at 8pm at The Wardrobe Theatre. Followed by a Q&A session with Closer Each Day Company, hosted by Backline Improv.


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