The Birmingham Improv Festival 2018!

We shall be performing Pilot Season: The Improvised Next Big Thing at the Birmingham Improv Festival, on 29th October 2018. We cannot wait!

In a world of boxsets, catch-ups and digital content, the creators of Bristol’s cult comedy, ‘Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera’, present a new show that you can’t stream or download and that will never be repeated. You, the audience, are the TV executives about to watch the first screening of a pilot episode of a new series (the direction of which will be decided by you in the opening moments). In this show there is no Pause, Rewind or Record: there is only Play. There could be love, lust, fear, despair, mild annoyance – anything can happen! Bristol’s hottest theatre talent melts minds and captures hearts with their brilliant, truthful and dynamic improvisation; join them as they bring their signature mix of high stakes drama and hilarious comedy to this one-off show that you need to watch!

Tickets will be available soon, watch this space.

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