Episode 15.11: ‘Maggie Thatcher Strikes Back’

In Newtown, Gina is trying to stay away from Fred and their steamy affair and is having a night in with boyfriend Big Dick watching box sets. Big Dick always needs plenty of sweets for a night in watching the telly, so makes trips out to the local shops to stock up.

Meanwhile, AJ and Simpkins learn that sweets are being stolen from their favourite shops and set out to catch the perpetrator. They get more than they bargained for when they bump into Big Dick, who covers up his own sweet-lifting crimes by making the amateur sleuths suspect each other!

Over in Thailand, new loves Reg and Pablo and ex-loves Candi and Eliza are getting a flight back home. Along the way, Reg lets a random stranger pack for him and Pablo is surprised to learn that Reg is a closet Tory and an ardent fan of Maggie Thatcher – in fact Reg gifts Pablo his very own Maggie Thatcher doll. Later on that doll becomes even more terrifying when, during an emergency landing in Dubai, the police discover drugs inside it! Poor Pablo, the tough drug laws means that he faces death!

In another shock, Eliza reveals to Candi that she thinks she is pregnant – and the father is Reg!

Memorable Moments:

  • AJ and Simpkins’ double act as investiagtors, especially when they did a whole scene talking one word at a time between the two of them!
  • Gina sitting alone in her love seat at home, watching TV and singing along to theme tunes
  • The Maggie Thatcher doll’s voice and recorded sentences, chilling!

Will Gina manage to settle for cosy nights in with Big Dick, or does she want more Fred?

Will Eliza tell Reg he is going to be a daddy, and how will he take it?

Can anyone get Pablo out of the Dubai prison or is he doomed to death?!

Find out in the First Episode of Season 16 at 8pm on Monday 3rd September 2018 at the Wardrobe Theatre.

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