Episode 16.5: ‘Treehouse of Horror’

This was 2018’s sell-out Halloween Special and what a show it was! Big Dick Johnson and Fred Gonzalez are up in Dick’s treehouse on Halloween, telling stories. They pull titles written down by the audience from a hat…

Ghost Ship

AJ Shaw was harvesting the souls of the people of Newtown by sucking them into the ship-in-the-bottles he has in his toy emporium. Thankfully Candi and Pablo are on the case and determined to find out what is happening to everyone, they bring in the Reverend Adrian who brings the ghosts out of the ships and goes head to head with AJ – who is really Satan!


Back in ye olde days, Simpkins is making new monstruous people out of the innocent and pure of heart. What a cad!

Edgar Allen Pablo’s Tell-Tale Heart

Pablo suddenly finds that his innermost thoughts are heard by the people he meets – he says good morning to them and they hear him calling them an ugly old tart, for example! Soon all the people of Newtown are baying for his blood and he takes refuge in the church. Reverend Adrian is on hand to make things better, Pablo’s innermost thoughts turn kinky and the Rev responds in kind!

The Ghouls Under Simpkins’ Bed

As the title suggests, there were a lot of ghouls under Simpkins’ bed, they come out and kill him. It was a short one!

Halloween Ain’t Just For Teens!

A teenaged Simpkins and AJ get booze from an older woman, Constance Sugar, to go along to a party. She says she will join them, the old lech. Cut forward to when they are adults, and they are in a group at a graveside, remembering what happened all those years ago. It turns out Constance died at that party and she is back, undead, for vengeance! She picks off the group of once-teens from that party one by one, killing them in horrible ways. Until Candi and Simpkins find the words to say backwards and vanquish her forever!

Big Dick and Fred have enjoyed the storytelling, all seems well…But then an unearthly visitation comes to them – it is a zombie Reverend Adrian, and he wants their blood!

No-one gets out of the Treehouse of Horror alive.


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